Travis McGee Hawaiian Style?

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When the Honolulu Star-Bulletin began its decent into bankruptcy the two things I missed most were the Island Images column and Charles Memminger’s humor column. It has just been announced that Charles (who actually worked some material I sent him into a column once) has been contracted to develop a Travis McGee-like character in a novel set in Hawaii. Big woohoo!

Charles shared my belief that geckos are inherently entertaining and I do hope that he manages to work some of his gecko material into the stories.

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2 Responses to Travis McGee Hawaiian Style?

  1. avatar Charley Memminger says:

    Did you get a copy of my novel “Aloha, Lady Blue” yet? I think you’d dig it.

  2. avatar Tom Long says:

    Hi, Charley, I did. I reviewed it on Goodreads

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