Sony SLT a55 Unboxing

The battery is still charging so I haven’t had a chance to really play with our new camera. But I wanted to share the video of the unboxing. The Sony Alpha a55 resolution isn’t the greatest at 16.2MP. But the Translucent Mirror Technology™ makes it possible to fire off pictures really quickly. It also makes quick auto focus possible in movie mode. I love the GPS tagging on my HX5V and I’m happy to have it on my new camera. The Canon T2i was my second choice but it lacked the Sony’s sweep panorama, in-camera HDR, GPS tagging, and continuous focus during video. When I found the camera on sale at 42nd Photo, that was the tipping point. My local Wolf Camera matched their price. Since Danny had answered so many of my questions and let me play with several different cameras, I wanted to buy the camera from him.

I had also considered the Canon T2i, Sony NEX 5N, and Sony NEX 7. In the end, I didn’t feel like my level of expertise warranted one of the more expensive NEX cameras. I know what lenses I intend to buy and when I compared the price of body and lenses the choice really came down to the T2i or the a55. So, I’ll give the a55 a trial and, if it works out, I’ll keep it. If not, I’ll move on to the T2i.

First a55 Pic

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