Romantic Travel

No, I don’t mean romantic in the smoochy-smoochy sense.  I’m talking here about the romance of travel.  In playing around on Pinterest, I’ve learned something about myself.  In the real world, I want a first class seat on the biggest airliner I can find.  But I’m drawn to images of float planes in Alaska.  In the real world, I want to cruise with Royal Caribbean and have my every need taken care of by someone else.  But I’m drawn to images of sailboats.   In the real world, I want a big ol’ car with cushy seats and a fancy stereo.  But I’m drawn to images of open classic roadsters, Vespas, and beach cruisers.  My imagination is so much more adventurous and romantic than am I.  I would so much rather that the protagonist in a book I am reading would choose a romantic mode of travel – perhaps even hiking.  I love the idea of traveling this way and eagerly await my next Corcoran or Cunningham novel – books like that are so delicious when lounging by the pool at the Four Seasons.  Wouldn’t you agree?

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