Best iPad “Man Bag”

If you own an iPad, you want one of these bags. After nearly a year of shopping, I have narrowed down my top three bags for carrying an iPad to work.  There were certainly other contenders and it was hard to cut the list off at any one point.  I eliminated several bags just for being out of my price range.  I have a messenger for when I want to take my MacBook Pro and/or cameras.  I wanted a bag to take to work.  I only need my iPad and Grid-it loaded with cables and chargers for my commute.  Naturally, I ended up wanting (and ordering) the most expensive one.  So I won’t be able to write a review on my second and third choice unless I send #1 back.

3. Pacsafe Metrosafe 200 Gii Shoulder Bag  $54 from Amazon

This is the most practical bag in the iPad category.  Its pickpocket-resistant design includes outside pockets for both a water bottle and umbrella when one wants to carry such things.  When traveling light the pockets snap tight to the body of the bag.  Inside the bag is a clip for one’s keys and loops for a mechanical pencil or pen and stylus for the iPad.  If one chooses black, the inside is a brilliant green that makes it easy to find items stored inside.  The green also adds an element of fun to the style.  I may come back to this as a bag for day trips on vacation.  I ruled it out because it wasn’t as handsome as I wanted and because of a problem with my last Pacsafe bag.  My Pacsafe Metrosafe 300 was the best bag I ever owned.  However, the metal in the piping that helped the bag with its legendary security eventually broke through the material and ate a few bits of my clothing (including a leather coat) before I recognized the source of my problems.

Note: There is a larger (250 Gii) model if one wants to include a small laptop.

2. be.ez LE reporter Air 11 Bag $49 from BHPhoto

This French design is the most stylish bag of the three, although a bit more youthful in appeal than the “winner”.  Super slender, it provides adequate room for an iPad and a Grid-it.  It gets a practical touch by being waterproof.  It lacks a key clip or pen loops, but has two front slip pockets that might be used for that purpose instead of using them for a passport and tickets.  The computer pocket could be used for a Grid-it with pens, chargers, and cables.  The big saffron loops under the front flap could hold “Le Monde” or a small tripod.  The slim profile and attractive detailing put this bag very high on my list but I’m not sure its scale would look good on someone of my age and girth.

Note: There is a larger version, the Le Reporter Air 13, in some parts of the world that will accommodate a small laptop.

1. Kenneth Cole Reaction “Bag for Good” $88 from

The rich Corinthian, er, I mean, Colombian leather gives this bag a more classic appeal.  Not as practical as the 200 Gii or stylish as the Le Reporter Air, it is still both practical and attractive.  It offers a dedicated iPad pocket (as do 2. and 3.), a main pocket for a Grid-it (as do 2 and 3), and pen loops (like 3), as well as a back magazine slip pocket.  The leather looks to be of high quality.  I’ll let you know what I think when it gets here.

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