Kenneth Cole Reaction iPad Bag

The Kenneth Cole Reaction “Bag for Good” is a compact, classy, vertical messenger bag. The Colombian leather is soft, supple, and pleasantly thick. The strap is sewn into the buckles so it cannot be replaced. But it is a webbed strap supplemented by a leather pad that looks and feels great.

The front flap is held down by a magnet and snap-like dimple that lines it up neatly with the bag. When the main flap is lifted it reveals a front compartment. That compartment has a place for a smartphone or point & shoot camera, two pen loops, and some credit card slots. There is no key clip.

In the front of the main compartment is a zippered pocket to store loose items. The main compartment is large enough for the GRID-IT! CPG7RD (not included). There is another pocket on the aft end of the main compartment. It is designed to receive an iPad with or without a case. There is plenty of room for all but the bulkiest of cases.

With the main flap closed one can easily access a slip pocket that is kept closed with another magnetic “snap”. It runs the full depth and width of the bag and would be a handy place to store your tickets and itinerary.

There is no grab handle, but, of course, one can always lift the bag from the buckle end of the shoulder strap. The bag appears to have been made from high quality leather in a very craftsman-like way. If all you need to carry fits, I can’t give any real reason not to buy this bag. I did. Go for it.

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