Back to the Island

Different people recharge in different ways, of course. My wife loves to acquire old furniture and turn it into something special. I like to take pictures and strum my guitar. This Sunday I went for a walk on the beach and shot some video of the seagulls as they fished in the shallows. When they saw that a wave was going to break before it got to them they would flutter just above the wave and settle back down to resume fishing like it was no big deal. I also took some still images. As I started to piece the video and pictures together into a video I wondered what would make a nice background song. I’ve always been a fan of Jimmy Buffett’s “Back to the Island” and that song came to mind.

I had such fun last weekend learning a song that I decided to take a few hours to learn “Back to the Island” and record it. Then I added it to the soundtrack. Jimmy’s job is surely safe from any competition from me, but I found the whole project to be so satisfying. I hope you enjoy the video imagery. Remember, that if you need to you can always mute the sound!

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