followshows improvements

There are a lot of shows on TV these days. It has reached the point that we need a way of keeping track of which was the last episode we watched of each TV show we follow. I previously wrote about, but they’ve made a significant improvement since then.

The first feature I didn’t cover in the previous post is that when you hover the mouse over an episode that has already aired, links to different services appear. Simply click on that link and you will go to the service and the specific episode you wanted. This is a huge time saver. When you’re done, go back to followshows, hover over the episode, and click the button to mark it as watched.

That’s cool, but what you can do with the followshows app is awesome. In the menu, go to Tracker. At the top of the queue is the episode you probably want to watch next. Touch that episode or scroll to the one you are in the mood for and touch it. Again the buttons appear. Touch a button, for example the ‘Free’ beside CBS. It will take you to that app and open it to the specific episode you want to watch. Tap the Cast button (usually in the upper right corner) to cast the show to your Chromecast and now you’re streaming that episode to the TV. When you’re done, go back to followshows and mark the episode as watched. This is revolutionary for cord cutters. You’re welcome.

To sign up for this free service go to

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