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Voicemail Notification Unstuck

For a couple of weeks, every time I woke up my Droid Incredible, it announced that I had a voicemail. Great, except that I didn’t have one. I use Google Voice for my voicemail. After searching forums and finding zilch, … Continue reading

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Verizon Brews a Virus

Until my Droid Incredible received the FroYo update, I had forgotten why I left Verizon those many years ago.  Now, I remember. Verizon crippled the use of Google maps in order to get people to pay an extra $10 a … Continue reading

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My Swiss Army Knife

I have a few items I can consider to be both minimalist and indulgences.  Maybe minimalist isn’t even the word I want to use.  But I have found that having the right tool for the job is only bested by … Continue reading

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Be a Lucky Dog

Download DoggCatcher Right Click Here for MP4 I no longer have a care in the world.  Just a few days ago I was mourning the easy iPod function on my iPhone.  But I’m all better now.  Although I have an … Continue reading

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Sync, Sank, Sunk – a Droid Incredible Journey

I have a mixed marriage.  My wife has an Apple iPad, but I replaced my Apple iPhone with a Droid Incredible.  Not because I didn’t love my iPhone, but because I wanted to find out what it would be like … Continue reading

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