Return of the osprey

Last summer I enjoyed the fishing antics of a belted kingfisher as he swooped back and forth over the lake just off the end of our dock. This spring as I started walking from the road past our camper to the lake I saw what I thought was a bald eagle and then realized it was an osprey.

I had enjoyed watching the oprey’s nesting on channel markers when I was a coastal cruiser but not expect to see one on our little body of water at Lake Royale. There he was. Circling with his white head glistening in the bright sunshine. Suddenly the circling ended. He dove with his back toward me. Bulleting toward the water, his wings outstretched to either side, BAM!, into the drink. He appeared to come up empty.

Thinking that would be the last of him, I started to unload the car. Wait. He’s back. Where’s the camera? Run into the house and pull out the camera. It is beeping as I remove it. Dead battery. No picture for today’s blog. Sorry.

But, heh, at least my battery is charged now. I’m just hoping he comes back.

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