Well, we said we wanted change . . .

general-lee-bootleg-turnThe new administration has taken the direction of government through a bootleg turn like hasn’t been seen since the Dukes of Hazzard went off the air. Some of those actions I have greeted with a sigh of relief. The most important one being that he reversed the “aggressive” or “enhanced” interrogation techniques of the Bush administration.

As someone who has served in the Army and a relative of several who have served in the Air Force, I was not at all comfortable with the U.S. sacrificing the high ground. I believe that whatever we call these techniques, “torture” or “cruel and unusual” or “enhanced”, it is not the way in which I would want our service people to be treated.

But about the time I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about this issue, President Obama released detailed instructions to our enemies on how to perform these methods, in retaliation, on our government servants who fall into their hands. Yes, I believe that de-classifying these memos will put future hostages and prisoners of war at risk to suffer the very treatment the President is trying to stop. Well-intentioned and well thought out aren’t always the same thing are they?

On another front, we are leaving behind the first Bush administration’s thousand points of light concept for the “only what the government does is important” philosophy of the Obama administration. His decrease in the tax deductions for charitable giving to generate government revenue runs counter to common sense. Every study I ever saw has shown that charities transfer more benefit for dollar than the government could ever dream of. But, to read a much better discussion on this topic I refer you to Goodbye Charity at Christianity Today.

The Great Generation sacrificed indescribably in World War II to secure freedom for future generations. The Obama Nation is spending the next generation’s money to bail us out of the consequences of this generation’s excesses and greed. Sorry kids.

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