Walk much?


I stumbled upon an essay worth reading – just as soon as you get back from your walk.   Take a Walk by Bill Bunn gives what I hope is an only half-serious rationale for returning to our (assuming the reader is human) main mode of conveyance.  Since it is not unusual for me to share boring details about my latest walk around the same lake, I thought I would offer this link to Bill’s essay as an olive branch to my long-suffering readers.

I’m not a walker so much for my physical as for my mental fitness.  While Bill argues against  speedy modes of transport as unnatural, I would just add that neither were our brains meant to be confined to the interpretation of two-dimensional media such as the computer monitor (which I love) or the written page (which I also love).  Our brains seem to feed on exposure to three-dimensional stimuli especially when the stimuli are reality based.

Do not quit your job, forswear reading, or become exercise obsessed.  I’m just suggesting that occasionally we turn from our artificial interface with the world to a simple walk.  Maybe a walk at a pace that allows conversation, listening for the sounds of nature, looking up as well as down, sniffing for scents, and feeling whether or not that leaf is as smooth as it appears.

When you return from real space to cyberspace, perhaps you will add a comment here about your experience.  Have a nice walk.

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