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The Gateway Drugs

Friday I told you about the core programs I recommend in Supreme Software.  Among that list were three utilities that whisk you off to your desired program, folder, file, or website as effortlessly and quickly as the wiki-wiki at the … Continue reading

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Supreme Software

When I was a wee lad I was very impressed by my Papaw’s tool bench.  Above it was a pegboard with painted outlines representing the proper place to return each tool.  I believe it was he who taught me that … Continue reading

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TiVo Hangs On

I go to do my morning check of TiVo’s picks of TV shows I might want to record and everything has changed.  They have a list of the shows my machine is going to record and a list of shows … Continue reading

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I Got the Fever

Back in the 1980’s I had a motorcycle wreck. After 27 surgeries my left leg was saved, but my knee was virtually fused. I had less than 5 degrees of flexion. Two years ago my knee was replaced. I still … Continue reading

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Thumbdrives for Dummies

Yesterday, I provided a tool for using Install Pad with a custom app list to achieve thumbdrive dominion.  Easy enough for you, right?  But what about your less-than-a-total-geek friend or relative?  What they need is a lot easier installation process.  … Continue reading

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