1. Make a list 2. Make another list

iPhoneNotes Lifehack has a post on the topic 9 Lists to Keep Updated.  They suggest:  things I want, gift ideas, got a minute?, watch/read/listen, big hairy audaciaus goals (BHAGs), bucket list, don’t forget, great ideas, and the lowly grocery list.  I found their ideas interesting, which surprises no one because I am a list fanatic.  I have files listing loved ones lists of favorite things, places, and activities.  You get the point.  I have lists of other peoples lists.  So, what lists do you keep updated?


Here are some lists I keep or think are important:

1. List of people or situations to pray about.
2. List of things I need to get done after work.  I use a gadget on iGoogle for this.
3. List of things I need to get done at work.  I use a spreadsheet in my Startup folder for this.
4. Wish lists.  Not a typo.  Amazon lets me keep lists in different categories and that is where I keep mine.  By using their add to wish list button, I can add items to my list that aren’t even sold by Amazon!  This overlaps with the watch/read/listen list from Lifehack.
5. Watch lists.  Now Playing meets my Season Passes on TiVo.  I also have my queue of programs to which I have subscribed on Hulu.  I even have my own custom Internet TV page.  If I want to watch it, chances are it is one of those three places or on an Amazon wish list.
6. Gift ideas.   Amazon lets one keep lists of things to give as well as get.  Start out at Gift Central station.
7. No bucket list or BHAGs.  I do have a statement of my life purpose and my life goals.  I keep these in my Dropbox so that I can always access them.
8. The grocery list is a pad we keep upside down on the kitchen counter.  Why upside down?  Start righting on the bottom (which is now on top, see?).  Tear it off as you head out the door and there is more of the sheet left for the next list.  Think of the trees (twigs) I save every year since I don’t need a complete sheet for every list.
9. The list most likely to give me warm fuzzies, however, is my packing list. These are lists of things to pack for various kinds of adventures. Just thinking about them gets my imagination going. These include lists like things to pack for a cruise, things to pack to go to the lake or beach, things to pack to go to Europe, etc.

I used to carry a small memo pad to write things down until I could get them on one of my digital lists.  Now I use my iPhone Notes app and just email them from my phone to myself.

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