You Should Go To The Movies With Me

image That is because I am on a roll.  I admit My Life in Ruins about ruined me for movies, but since then I’ve seen three very good movies in a row.  Other than Richard Dreyfuss, My Life in Ruins had no acting anywhere to be found.  Is Greece beautiful?  Yes, of course, but even the cinematography failed to measure up.  For those people who think that successful romantic comedy is just a matter of following the formula, My Life in Ruins, is a cautionary tale.

My next movie was The Taking of Pelham 123.  This re-make was totally engrossing.  In case we had forgotten, Denzel Washington once again demonstrated that he has the chops of a great dramatic actor.  While John Travolta has been better, even a subpar Travolta exceeds most actors.  Get your popcorn and find your seat early.  You won’t be steppin’ out of the theater during this one.

Where My Life in Ruins fails, The Proposal succeeds.  Is it the new Sleepless in Seattle?  Okay, that ain’t gonna happen.  But it is more good than bad.  A little too much crudity (is this Hollywood’s new capture-the-youth-market strategy?), but the movie offers beautiful “Alaskan” scenery (actually Rockport, Massachusetts), good chemistry between the principals, and Betty White.  (Why don’t more movies have Betty?  I love her.)

With low expectations I went to see Star Trek and was blown away.  This is the best of the Star Trek movies BY FAR!!!  Wonderful Leonard Nimoy homage to the beloved TV series.  (Shut up.  It is so beloved.)  Was the CGI occasionally hokey?  Yes, but I took even that as a wink toward the production values of the TV series.  Who is this Zachary Quinto?  Put him in a movie with Betty White and I’ll be right back in that popcorn line.

Look, as much as I love my home theater, as long as there is a chance of a movie experience like one of these, I’ll continue paying my money and taking my chances.  Wanna go?

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